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Video Editing Hardware / software


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Hey all.

Im trying to get an idea of what hardware / software we would need to do some video editing.

It is for me and a few freind from my Church who are going to start doing some video editing within the Church. We're not professionals as of yet, so don't need the best equiptment, just something that is good enough to start on, to do the basics, but not too basic.

What computer would you recommend to start on, a mac or windows ?

What software is a good starting point, for either mac or windows?

Also, a piece of software to create some proffessional looking edited / animated text for a title screen or whatever?

Is any hardware required, apart from a computer? We have access to digital cameras and video cameras already?

Thanks guys.

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Depends on how much you are willing to spend.

Windows Movie Maker is enough for simple video.

Cyberlink Power Director is a step up.〈=ENU

Adobe Premiere

Sony Vegas

...are used for best results.But these aren't cheap.Also not so easy to use at first.

Maybe this list will help you:

Can't say much of hardware,it's up to your cash. :) The latest tech is always welcomed. :D

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Whatever you do, I recommend a good computer, it will save a lot of time.

Something software-wise that's cheap and easy but still yields good results is iMovie. I'm used to using a combo of Vegas and Premiere for the video and Pro Tools for Audio, but that's an expensive set of software and hardware (need hardware to use protools)

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