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Andrew Lyle

We just finished wallmounting a 37" LG TV in the living room to replace the old Tube television. We had to run the wires down the wall, and out to the cable and one out for power.

Anyways, we finished hooking everything up, and when we turn on the cable box, we get lines going through the TV, only when the cable input is selected.

I'm not sure what exactly it could be, since a lot of things are newly purchased, and 1 cable is reused from a crappy DVD Player (likely the problem).

  • The cable to the cable box is NEW
  • The extension cord (3 prong, with ground wire) is NEW
  • The RCA cable is from a very crappy DVD player, so that is OLD

I don't have any spare RCA cables around the house (suprisingly) and tried to hook the TV up via regular old cable, but since it is an HDTV, I deiced not to hook it up that way.

Is it possible there could be something else wrong with the connections, like the TV isn't getting enough power through the extension cord? to that would create lines going up on the TV, as if you seen a video of a monitor?

[edit]: Problem was the RCA cable

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