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Bleem on XP

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Roger H.    777

Hey... i've been wondering how to get bleem working on XP. A friend of mine said she did it and it worked for her so i'm wondering how i could get it to work too.. PSX games looks so good on tha PC and I'm mission out on like the 3 games that I play... Does anyone know of anything?


SHoTTa35 :ninja:

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Feritas    6

Hmm. . I don't believe it will work. . she is either lying or doesn't know what she is talking about. See, Bleem will not run on Win2K, nor XP. If there is a way to get Bleem to work on NT, I'd love to know how. It gives an error about bleem!.exe not being a valid Win32 application, correct? I have tried the demo, and it just won't work. I know that cracking it won't do a damned thing to help, but I did it anyway and got the same crap. It's my guess that Bleem is a 16 bit app. .

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