Young Brits say Parents swear too much

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LONDON, Feb. 15 (UPI) -- A survey of British 11-year-olds finds most have heard their parents swearing and 40 percent say they use bad language themselves.

Ninety percent of the 3,000 youngsters questioned said their parents swear in front of them and almost as large a percentage said the older generation and celebrities who cuss in public are setting a bad example, The Daily Telegraph reported. But only one-third said they have asked their parents to stop.

Peter Foot, chairman of the Campaign for Courtesy, said parents must start thinking about what they are teaching

their children.

"We need parents to be the ones to put their children right before they ever get to school with 'please' and 'thank yous,' rather than leaving it to teachers," he said. "But this is awful, appalling really. There are some age groups now who can't say a single sentence without the F-word in it."

The survey was done by


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