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What's with the 2 day difference in European and NA release dates? :p Wait, I know....it's payback for all the NA games that make it here earlier, right? JERKS!

Friday release date eh? **** that, Canada wont get it until Monday, which means I won't be playing it on the weekend :(

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It does but for some reason we have a different date. No idea why they are screwing around with it.

And if you ordered from Shopto, we'll probably have the game delivered on the 25th anyway. Elsewhere it will be the 26th (Game etc).

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Killzone 2 multi-player servers to be switched on this Wednesday

With the EU release literally only a couple of days away, a lot of people are wondering just when the Killzone 2 online servers will be powered up; heralding the beginning of our ravenous search for online glory (and badges).

Well, in a message received from KillzoneDotCom, we?ve learnt that the online servers will in fact be up to coincide with the European release this Wednesday.

If that?s not enough, the website has also got some updates as well.

Read on for details.

The exact timing is to be determined but we?ve been assured that everything will be ready on Wednesday, a full two days before the UK and NA release. Hopefully this will give the guys at Guerrilla some time to address any possible overload issues after they?ve flicked the switch. Considering Killzone 2 is the biggest PS3 game of the year so far we?re expecting the servers to come under some serious load during the game?s initial release.

Keeping in the theme of updates, KillzoneDotCom has also informed us that the Killzone 2 website has received a fresh coat of Helghan paint (we?re thinking green, gray and orange).

We?re not 100% sure of what?s new so check it out for yourself and come back here to educate us in the comments section.

Source: http://www.ps3attitude.com/new/2009/02/kil...this-wednesday/

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Just checked my Shopto account and no change in status yet. Me thinks they'll start to go through tomorrow!
Hi Guys,

We should receive the stock Tomorrow, if arrive later afternoon then we will work overnight and send them Wednesday!

Tomorrow we will start charge your cards so if any problems you guys will have time to resolve them with our support team or with your bank

Thank you guys for your orders ;)

Wednesday a possibility! :D Most likely Thursday though.

Whoever is delivering the stock to ShopTo better arrive at 9:01am tomorrow :shiftyninja:

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Thought as much, but man, I am in uni first thing on a Thursday, so I can't sign for the game! Grrr

It all depends on when they start sending them out tomorrow and if they do they all at once or in packs. I think it needs to be before 6pm for them to arrive Wednesday. If they work over night though its looking like Thursday.

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Can't believe the quality of shopto's service. They normally send out the game within 45 mins of receiving the order so depending on how well the plan is for sending out the killzone games it could be Wednesday that they arrive :p

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New Killzone 2 Site Live

The new Killzone 2 site has just gone live in preparation of the game’s release this week.

The server seems to have been swamped with visitors, as the site is having trouble loading.

You can find some of the new additions listed below;

Battle Replays: You will be able to watch games as they unfolded, watch the troop movements and see who killed who and how. We’ll expand on this as time goes by. Right now you should be able to view a couple of Battle Replays created by internal testing of the site. Battle Replays are saved and displayed if at least 2 people played and completed a round and will for now remain on the site for two weeks.

Clans: You will be able to create and administer your clans from the page so you don’t have to be on your PS3 to see who wants to be in your clan or what the latest is on any upcoming games.

Tournaments: You will be able to set up clans from the site, just like in-game, but will be able to see the results and how they played out on the tournament wheel too.

Challenges: This offers the same functionality as the in-game, but of course lets you set up your battles remotely.

STATS!: We all love stats! And if the stats recorded in-game are not enough for you, we show even more here! Including match performance, a weapons cloud to show what weapons are used most and preferred faction.

Leaderboards: Same as in-game! See where you are from work!

And much much more.

Source: http://www.gamersdigest.net/1619/new-killzone-2-site-live/

Battle replay mode, now that's sweet :drool:

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Why do people do pointless "unboxings" ? :/

Anyway, here's what the LE looks like :laugh:

Seems like your kind of thing Gav, no? :laugh:

I'm hoping Play begin dispatching orders tomorrow. Their post usually takes a couple of days to reach me. Fingers crossed!

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My copy on Play is packing, I hope I will get it Thursday. Shame I have around 2500 words to do on my final year project.

You can listen to what I have to say about the game on the weekly podcast I am on.

Check my sig for details. Sorry if I am pimping too much :)

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