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Hey guys, a mate and me are going 50/50 and turning a room in his flat into a small studio :p a little money making scheme (He has the better kit) but we don't wanna dive straight into the deep end buying high end lighting etc, We understand a little bit about general lighting but there is alot of stuff when going to studio it seems. There is 2 "kits" we have in mind atm.


1 Umbrella + 1 Softbox?


2x Umbrella (1 silver, 1 white)

Which is the better option ?



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If you go umbrellas, I'd get shoot throughs so you can reflect OR shoot through them.

I have 2 shoot through umbrellas (reflect white) that I can use as a sort of softbox.

If I were you, I'd go 1 umbrella 1 softbox just to have the versatility of having an umbrella AND a softbox.


oh, it's two pre-built kits. Ummm

I'd go with the first one with the softbox.

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Those are some PUNY lights. Umbrellas and softboxes are common items and should be able to be found locally for cheap. I would concentrate on more quality lights. It will cost a little more but not all that much, especially with the difference in power.

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