PS3 and PC Setup Sharing Monitor and Speakers

Where should I put my PS3?  

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Sorry for posting the same thing again, but it looks like I posted in the wrong place before. If a mod wants to delete my old thread here, you can. :blush:

Hi all,

Here's what I've got. My PC is connected to my HP w2007 monitor, which has one DVI and one VGA port, via a DVI-DVI cable. I have Altec Lansing 2.1 speakers connected to my PC. I also have an HDMI cable if that helps at all.

I want my PC and PS3 connected to the monitor. I would like them both to be on the DVI since DVI looks better than VGA, but if this isn't possible then I'd put the PS3 on the VGA. I want to have both the PC and PS3 connected to the speakers. I would also like the option to switch between the PC and PS3 when both are on. This last thing is not necessary at all, but it would be cool to have. One solution would be to mute one's sound output and have the ability to switch inputs on the monitor. Would that be possible?

So what cables and things would I need to accomplish this?

Thanks a bunch,


EDIT: Since I have not received a response, and I have received some responses in the Hardware Hangout section, please see here.

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