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[UK] Satellite into DVD/HDD Recorder

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Max    50

Difficult situation here where I live. There is no Freeview here, and there will not be for some time. So we will have to make do with Satellite TV. Now at the moment I have a very standard Skybox which doesn't do anything fancy at all, with no subscription. So just free to air stuff.

Now I want a DVD Recorder/HDD Recorder to record stuff on, but I want to be able to watch a channel whilst recording another onto HDD or DVD. From what I've been reading I can only record the channel I am watching at the time which almost defeats the object.

Is there any sort of 'easy' combination I can use or something I can buy to resolve this? Money is no object but I only want one Satellite dish.

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tuckeratlarge    144

If money is no object then get Sky+ ?22 a month for all the entertainment packages but without films and sky sports.

I was going to suggest getting a second hand sky+ box off of eBay and a quad LNB and twin cable, but you need a Sub to Sky for the "+" to work.

You could just buy the quad LNB and twin cable, buy a regular sky box off of eBay and have one feed into each box, then rig your DVD recorder up to one of the boxes to record stuff and the other to watch.

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AbandonedTrolley    93

Have you looked into Freesat as a solution?

Parents have just bought a Humax Foxsat HDR recorder box wasn't cheap at ?290 then ?90 installation, not sure if you could just use your exisiting dish for this though, but does allow recording of two channels or one and watching of another at the same time.

Picks up the Free to Air HD channels and displays at 1080i as highest resolution.

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