Need a merchant account for my business, which is best?

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Hey all,

I have a business that is ready to start accepting credit cards in addition to our cash and check based payment methods. Part of what I'm looking for is if anyone here runs a small business and can offer any advice on where to look.

Part of the requirement is that the merchant account allow for telephone/internet based charging of invoices. So that if I'm on site with a customer doing a PC repair, I can take their card either logon via my laptop to access a virtual terminal or use the cell phone to dialup, punch in the credit card number, and charge amount.

I don't forsee that happening as much as a customer calling to check when their PC is done at the office and want to pay via card right over the phone, I can use a virtual terminal to accept payment even before they arrive to pick up the computer, or process payment at that time as well.

I've seen some credit card processing services through paypal and quickbooks, both are extremely expensive. I want to avoid all the monthly usage fees, the lowest transaction costs, etc.

Any thoughts would be wonderful.


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