Main site theme resets?

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Steven P.

Are there people like me that have the Theme from the main page constantly reset back to Blue?

I know its not to do with my PC setup since this is my 3rd clean install of XP since it came out. My Theme is set to "Silver" but every now and then the Main site (not the forum) resets to Blue and I cant change it back to Silver. The only way around this is by clearing the Neowin cookies.

I just wondered if more people had this "issue"

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I do have this problem at work but not at home.

I hardly notice it since I always use the blue (default) theme.

I will switch to silver to see if the problem returns (I deleted my cookies for now)

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I always thought it was to do with cookies, i.e. if you change the main page to the silver theme, it stays that way until you either change it or delete your cookies.

...At least I think that is how it has been working for me. :ermm:

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