How to setup FreeNas to acess files using internet?

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I installed FreeNAS on a small server and my idea is to access to the all the files, for example, from another part of the world so I could view and edit them and the FreeNAS could syncronize the modifications.

I already got Dynamic DNS, SSH and UNISON activated but I don't know what to do in the clients (and in the FreeNAS server).

Can you help me?

The clients are using Windows XP.

If you could give me all the steps to do it I would appreciate!


Sergio Silva

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1.) setup a free dyndns dynamic host name for your ip, and use freenas to update it (for example, you can do this at This allows you to have your dynamic ip mapped to a static host name.

2.) setup webserver, or ftp, and have your router port forward requests to that port on your freenas box.

3.) from any web browser, or ftp/windows explorer window anywhere in the world, you can then type and browse your files, upload, download, etc.

easy enough.

for my home server, I have the ftp port set as default 21, and forwarded my ports in my router, so i can open up an ftp client or windows explorer window and just type in the ip address without a port and it lists my files. I can then upload and download to the server from anywhere.

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