How do I record from a digital TV? To a HDD box?

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# Digital TV with Freeview. [ 26LG3000 ]

Has 2 scarts (both with in/out symbols)

# JVC HDD/DVD combo has 2 scarts. [ JVC-dr-mh30 ] (with Analog tuner)

One labelled: "Line 1 In/Decoder"

One labelled: "Line 2 In/Out"


At the moment, I have it from AV1 on the TV to "Line 1 In/out" on the JVC box. I can watch DVDs on AV1.

How I record from the digital freeview on the TV?

And what channel should I set each to?

If I put the TV on AV1 and try to tune the JVC to Line 1, then nothing appears. (I was expecting to see the digital picture relayed through the JVC..... although it would be a weird infinite loop.....

Any suggestions?

PS: we have a spare digi-box, but do not really want to have it installed along side. Although I understand the benefits of dual-tuners, thanks.

edit : Am I in the same boat as this guy?

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