SMPTE Makes Blu-ray Mandatory for 3-D

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The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) has released the initial requirements for creation of a 3-D standard, and one of the requirements is that it works as part of the Blu-ray format. The selected standard will presumably be used by the entire media industry, stretching from movies to television and even mobile video.

The standard, which is not expected to be determined until next year, is racing against other organizations and consumer electronic companies to be the first 3D standard for the high definition home. SMPTE has revealed that they will mandate a 1080p60 framerate (presumably two 1080p30 feeds), meaning that as of today, Blu-ray would be the only format able to carry the technology. Currently, broadcast television airs at 1080i and no other medium is operating in HD.

While a standard is expected to be determined by next year, no consumer equipment is expected until 2011, meaning that rival standards, such as the one used by Panasonic, will either have to compete for SMPTE adoption or beat them to the punch. Only time will tell.


Not much of a surprise seeing as it is the only current format doing HD...

I assume gaming won't be affected by this?

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