Neowin (Split) Premier League 2009/10

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Next season I'd like to start a Neowin 2 tier Premier League, fitting seeing the FA are going to propose this to FIFA (if everyone can agree in the PL board of directors).

There will be 2 divisions: Premier League 1 & Premier League 2 with an additional "Championship" division for teams finishing below 36th place for the 2008/09 season.

Both PL divisions will have 18 teams, with the first 18 being placed in PL1 and 19th to 36th place participating in PL2

In those divisions 3 will go down and 3 will go up (giving the Championship division teams a chance), the champion of all 3 divisions will win a football related prize courtesy of Neowin, could be an authentic replica shirt from your favorite club or something else of similar value from the club fan shop.

I need a volunteer to help organize it, because we'd need adjustable tables that can be updated weekly, and maybe a snapshot of the 3 divisions to go in the Announcement area bit at the top of this forum.

Needless to say I will start in PL2 because I am 30th at the moment :p

What do people think of this wonderful idea?

Those who don't participate here might want to next year ;)

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Its looking like we'll have a Neowin developer (Eric) to throw together a league page that I can update weekly :D

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