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Final today, but Murray has already well surpassed 'Tim'.......'timid' Henman lol.........even if he loses today :)

Go boy!!!

Us Scots (yup not GB) are kinda doin well at tennis these days lol :laugh:

Do it for us Andy!! :)

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Glad to see a British player doing well in Tennis again :p

We get tarred with the old GBR brush, the least you can do is accept it too ;)

heh couldn't have put it better. Be surprised if he wins wimbledon though, nadal, federer, roddick will be getting prepared and I can't see it happening, for one, wouldn't be surprised if he has a really bad game in an early round - seems to be the way things go when the media gets behind someone :p Let's hope I'm completely wrong though!

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Murray won! YAY!

He did indeed! :D 71 years was a long time, but well worth the wait.

Awesome to have never dropped 1 set either throughout the tournament ;)

Well done our 'Scots' hero.

Murray is a **** though lad, I hope he gets ****ed over.



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