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There are few people in the history of the auto industry quite like John Z. DeLorean. He lived large and dreamed big, and his life story reads like the script of a Hollywood movie. Perhaps that?s why there are not one, but three, films about him in the works.

DeLorean was a man of action who launched the muscle car revolution, made a bundle, married a model and beat a cocaine rap after starting his own auto company ? which, by the way, built an iconic car. If that isn?t the plot to a good flick, what is?

?It is almost like an updated Citizen Kane story of the great American entrepreneurial hero and how it all went wrong,? Nick Spicer of XYZ Films, one of the studios working on a biopic, told Variety.

So step right up and see the story of the man who led the last assault on Detroit (well, before the Japanese came along) and relive his Promethean fall in a multiplex near you.

For a while there, DeLorean moved from strength to strength. He was a golden child with the Midas touch. Born in Detroit and trained as an engineer, DeLorean did some work for Chrysler and Packard before landing at General Motors in 1954. He made his name working on the Pontiac GTO, which is arguably the first muscle car. At the age of 42, he was running Pontiac as the youngest division head in GM?s history at that time.

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