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Recommend a Site for purchasing Shielded Twisted Pair Ethernet



I have to run 230 foot installation from a Microwave Wimax Broadband attenna from a roof to the underground in a conduit to a house...

I'm looking for a 300 foot spool CAT 5e Shielded Twisted Pair for outdoors and it's flexible (bends easily)

Also what is the difference with some Ethernet cable guarantee-ing 350 mhz

Any sites you know that sell that much on a spool?

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Most sell 1000ft spools actually.

Monoprice sells them. And you can get spools at places like Home Depot even.

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hundreds of others. pvc will cost you about 50-60 usd, plenum will cost you 150-200 usd. I would use pvc (I am currently using it and have been for about 6 years now going from my attic outside down to my basement). Remember 300 feet is just about the max length you can go with it before adding in a switch or hub to go the rest of the distance.

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