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Hi again,

Spoke with my ISP guy recently that let me to this site and he said there was some work around for getting rid of that MSN Messenger sitting down here in my taskbar?

I've looked in the XP forum and didn't come across anything on that. Does anyone have a fix or tweak to get rid of that icon and service?



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taken from

Remove Windows Messenger

Contributed by Claus Bruun and many others

It seems that a lot of people are interested in removing Windows Messenger for some reason, though I strongly recommend against this: In Windows XP, Windows Messenger will be the hub of your connection to the .NET world, and now that this feature is part of Windows, I think we're going to see a lot of .NET Passport-enabled Web sites appearing as well. But if you can't stand the little app, there are a couple of ways to get rid of it, and ensure that it doesn't pop up every time you boot into XP. The best way simply utilizes the previous tip:

If you'd like Windows Messenger to show up in the list of programs you can add and remove from Windows, navigate to C:WINDOWSinf (substituting the correct drive letter for your version of Windows) and open sysoc.inf (see the previous tip for more information about this file). You'll see a line that reads:


Change this to the following and Windows Messenger will appear in Add or Remove Programs, then Add/Remove Windows Components, then , and you can remove it for good:



or if u dont wanna go to those lengths i just close it and delete the messenger folder!! but thats not the best idea:D


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...or just rename the file C:Program FilesMessengermsmsgs.exe into msmsgs.exe.old and everything is fixed also..

blegh, stupid messenger is adding itself everytime to your run section in the Windows registry, rename the program, remove the entry (optional) and kiss the messenger goodbye :)

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Or do it the simple way... Open it up, goto the Tools menu then click Options. Goto the preferences tab and un-check "Run when Windows starts". No need to uninstall, no need to go into the registry.

But, if you really want to uninstall it then go right ahead.


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