How to change "To Be Filled By O.E.M."

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When I view my system information in Help and Support Center there are some points where it says "To Be Filled By O.E.M."

Does anyone know how to change this so I can enter my made up OEM name, lol.

I've tried the OEM thing in X-Setup and i've searched regedit and found nothing.

Any help?

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This is done by 2 little files in the system32 folder, for older windows versions these are located in the system folder:


Copy/paste this text in a new notepad textfile called oeminfo.ini :

[support Information]

Line1=Support information is keyed here

Line2=Additional support information is keyed here.


Manufacturer=Name of Manufacturer is entered on this line

Model=Model of the PC is entered here


SubModel=Name of the sub-model is entered on this line

SerialNo=The serial number of your system is entered on this line

OEM1=OEM information is entered on this line

OEM2=Additional OEM information is entered on this line

Not all lines are required though.

2. a graphic image called OEMLOGO.BMP.

This graphic should be placed alongside the OEMINFO.INI file in the C:\Windows\System32 folder and will appear

below the Microsoft logo on the General Panel of Control Panel | System. The graphic will not be displayed unless

OEMINFO.INI also exists. Here is the specification for the graphic image:

Filename : C:\Windows\System32\OEMLOGO.BMP

Format : Windows Bitmap (BMP) Uncompressed

Width : 180 Pixels*

Height : 114 Pixels*

DPI : 72 or 96dpi

Type : 24-Bit RGB Colour

some threads on Neowin on this topic :

Here's mine :

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Thats what X-Setup does, but this problem isnt anything to do with OEMINFO.INI

Anyone else?

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I think those areas in Help and Support are are built into the OEM versions of Windows XP, someone correct me if I am wrong; just my guess.

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i was guessin the same

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