Help and advice needed for PayPal (non-ebay sellers)

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I have a question for you all about buying something and then paying through PayPal.

I'm thinking of purchasing something from an online store and PayPal payment is the only form of payment allowed. The deals are pretty good and I've checked the link when it sends me to PayPal and its a good link because the address link is "https://", it shows u as PayPal Inc on address bar on both IE8 and Mozilla (you know how you go to a website and it shows the sites verification credentials on the side), and McAfee SiteAdvisor is green - meanings it's a legit site/link.

This store only sells iPods and I can get a brand new 16gb iPod Touch for $200. I emailed them quite a number of questions (from different emails), replying to them as well. They tell me that they buy their lot of iPods from bankruptcy auctions, includes extended warranty until 2012 and they ship immediately upon payment. They are located Canada as from their website (I live in Canada) and ship by Canada Post with tracking.

I'm tempted because I am looking for one but the thing is if I pay by PayPal and let's say I never get the item or I do get it and it's trash, at the end of the day, can I file a buyer complaint and get my money back (kind of like with eBay as in a buyer dispute)? Has anyone ever had to do this with a non-ebay seller? Did you have any success?

Do you think it's even worth for me to buy it??

Any answer will be greatly appreciated.

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