LCD or Plasma TV?


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Plasma's do not have burn in. they do have image retention, or well some of the cheap samsungs do anyway.

Panasonic and Pioneers shouldn't have much of any image retention as long as you do the initial usage as instructed.

also LCD's also get image retention though.

Totally agree with you - don't listen to half of the stuff these idiots in stores tell you about "burn in".

Plasma's have come a long way recently.

I use my Plasma to play games, watch Sky HD and sometimes connect my laptop to it - I've never ever seen image retention (I'm sure it has happened a few times though) and nothing has remained permanently.

I think as long as you are sensible in the first 1000 hours of use (people recommend you turn down brightness, contrast a bit during that) then the Plasma should last you a long time. It's great for fast moving action (i.e. fast films, football!) and the colours are just great. I have a Panasonic PZ85 I got last year. Xbox 360 looks absolutely fantastic on it.

Plasma gets my vote! (And I've come from a long line of Samsung/LG LCDs).

That said, my next purchase is an LED TV... they look great, just waiting for prices to come down a little bit!

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The only LED's even comparable to Plasma is RGB back lit though

Even the philips top of the lines back lit local diming screens have white back lit, and they have some 1100 LED's or something. that's not comparable to 1920x1080 self illuminated pixels

LED's looks awesome true, but that's mostly because they have a very white light and use dynamic contrast, and dynamic contros kills low and high mid tone detal. all you get it the very mid tone detail with over saturated highs and lows.

I'm not even sure how many manufacturers even make RGB back lit, I know Sony has one in their top of the line, but I don't know how many LED's it has in the back lite, and I don't think I want to know the price. but safe to say, even if it is better than anything, it's not so much better that is worth the insane price they're going to be charging for it. same thing with LED's Samsung side lit LED's are twice the price, and they're not even better than the CFL back lit, outside of hanging a slightly calmer and cleaner white backlight. but a series 7 LED and a series 7 LCD use the same panel and have the same contrast (though the series 7 do have awesome blacks... LED or not)

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