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Looks good Frost.. Although fix your second link.. It's showing http:// http//

My bad, the real link is here.

I was at work and couldn't get onto Neowin to edit my post in time.

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Mind sharing that?

go ahead and view the larger version by clicking the shot. right mouse click to save as. go ahead. just keep my name on it. I made it for my 1280 x 900 laptop screen though

thank you for the implied compliment

oops my bad here ya go: link

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Stuuuuuuuupid question time:

<img snipped>

Is that some version of Object Dock at the top or some program that has slipped past me in my absence?

Looks like RocketDock.

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I'd have to say, this is my best screenshot ever.

Wallpaper: My own modification of Harmony.

Operating System: Windows 7 Professional RTM x64.

Secondary Taskbar: UltraMon Beta

Laptop Icon for "Computer": By Tonev

Media Player: Winamp

So, without further ado:

Great setup over there, wizard! Is that some some sort of battery meter near the system tray in that screenshot? If it is, mind sharing the app?

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