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A few minor changes.

VS: Gaia09 VS for Seven 2

Wallpaper, cursors, and rainmeter skin from Gaia 09

Apps in the dirty version:

Firefox with the Gaia v2 Persona

Zune version 4.0 running in Mini mode

Tablet input panel (for my bamboo tablet)




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Windows 7 Ultimate Edition. Wallpaper is something I created as there were no other MW2 walls I liked. If you would like it, post back and i'll upload it for you.


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Could I get links to the wallpapers please.

Original wallpapers:

I just tweaked the wallpapers and chose a shade of red and blue that I liked. I won't upload them out of respect of the original artist of the wallpaper.

Thanks! This reminded me to go out and buy his new album hehe. Listening to it now!

Deadmau5 for the win! He was awesome at the Electric Zoo in New York City. >:D

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