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Being a DJ, organizing 30,000 tracks will take forever doing that method. I have just let iTunes with the TuneUp companion to help organize. Sorting by Genre is more important for me.

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I might think about using this for my general music collection at home, at the moment, it doesn't have any structure to it, simply because I just don't have the time.

Being a DJ and having a lot of House (Deep, Tech, Progressive, Funky, Electro) and chill-out music, I always sort the music that I play, firstly, by the date that I got the track, and then, in the key that the song is in. After a few months the song(s) get archived onto a disc with other tracks of the same key. It's great and it means that I always find what I am looking for as well as the fact that it helps me keep my mixes more harmonic.

Thanks for the guide, I am sure that I will get chance to use it one of these days.

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Or just use a piece of software with a built in functional library WMP, Zune (awesome media player for the computer) or iTunes(though i rather not use this for more than syncing to my ipod) and you don't need to organize my music folder... then again mine is organized by Artist/Album folders

Seriously if WMP takes so much system resources, do you need them for anything else? Ive never noticed WMP or Zune using so much power as people say and really, what use is al those computer resources good for if you just want them not being used anyway?

Anyway nice guide :) ill never use a player which relies on folder structure if i can choose not to but nice guide anyway :)

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very nice guide. but i pretty much organise it myself

Anime Music (purely just for anime)

Comedy (george carlin etc)

Miscellaneous Music (if it doesn't fit with other categories)

Rap & Hip-hop (soul, r&b etc)

Techno (anything related to this except techno remixes of songs)

VG Music (video game mus)

then wrestling and full cd album folders... which I have been doing it like this since napster first came out and i doubt i'd be changing that anytime soon.

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I saw these site some month ago and I like it.

I have a huge amount of mp.3 songs. I use MP3tag. Got a lot of external hd. One for albums and one for singles.

My album hd, I have it alphabatical order, eg. A-B-C-D etc. In Folder A- Abba-Alphaville etc.

All albums are tagged like your way i saw. Only exption is Year - album name. (1976 - The Album)


For Collection I tagged it an other way.


[$num(%discnumber%,1)-]$num(%track%,2) - %artist% - %title%  (1-01 - De Pre Historie - 1966 - Percy Sledge - When A Man Loves A Woman)


For my single colection:


%artist% - %title%   %year% (Percy Sledge - When A Man loves A Woman   1966)


Hope You like it.


R. Han

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