[PIC/Poster] Lost Cat!

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I saw this poster and it really made me laugh:


It inspired me to make my own "Lost Cat/Possum" poster. You can download it from one of the links below.

I just wanted to do an experiment to see if people actually respond to it and was hoping you could print some off and post them around your home town. I've listed my temporary eMail address on there and I'll report back to you all when in a week as to what people have posted, should be funny and interesting.

Here are the download links to the poster PDF (5 MB):








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Cool! Great, hand those download links out to your friends and see if they can post some out in their neighborhoods.

Here's what my poster looks like; I just love the expression on possum's face, it's like he's saying "whassssssup?"


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Good one w/ that pedo bear :rofl:

Cat found

- curious white fur

- strange red collar

- not very friendly (pecking attacks), I think it might be scared

- not house broken

- lays eggs. Eggs will not be returned, because already eaten.


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