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Hey all,

I'm looking for a media server app that i can run on my media server so i can stream content to my xbox 360s. I have tried Windows Media Center and another app called Tversity but neither of them support streaming of subtitles. I have quite a few .avi movies that have non english speaking parts, which requires me to get the subtitle files for but they will simply not stream. I have tried both .sub and .srt subtitle files, I have even tried making the subtitle file the same file name as the avi itself but to no avail. Also to note, iv tested the subtitle files to make sure that they work by watching the movies on my server with the subtitle file in the same folder as the avi itself, and it works just fine. Is there a server app out there that supports this?, or is the issue not of the media server app but the 360 itself.

Thanks in advance.

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