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M$ wins award


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5itus    0

Without wanting to sound like a truly brainwashed MicroSoftHead (this is the second(!) time I speak out in favor of BG ;) ), I just wanted to share the news that M$ have been given the Corporate Vision Award - from the Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center (something that I don't belong to either!) for their proactive work in equality issues on the workplace.

A lot (indeed, more than enough) can be said about their questionable work ethics in many areas, but as long as they maintain good working conditions, they at least have a better track record than e.g. Nike ...

In fact, I propose a poll (if I can get it to work ...) about something that for once doesn't have anything to do with M$'s software policies:

Does M$ seem to be a better, normal, or worse place to work than other companies?


(Once again, I have no affiliation with M$, I'm just curious about an aspect that people don't often discuss)

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T4G3RXIII    206

A very long time ago, [ok, 8yrs] when I worked at a temp agency, I was assigned to the pilot A of M$ Product Support; basically a "which tech engineer do you want to bitch to today?" screener. :p Even though I didn't work for M$, I still was treated fairly well. I'd get free drinks and snacks, a break every two hours, and a paid lunch (well, temp agency paid me that).

But that was 8yrs ago, not sure now. Maybe the reason why XP feels like an RC is Billy playing dominatrix to his software engineers.

God, that's an image I did not want to see... :dead:

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