My high school Alma Mater was just beat in football by its arch-rival.

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Not a big deal.. right?

Yeah.. it is.

It's the first time they've been beaten by their arch-rival in twenty nine years.

Yes, twenty nine.

The Streak is over.

Undefeated Mishawaka beat visiting Penn 26-10 Friday night to end Penn's 153-game Northern Indiana Conference winning streak. Mishawaka (7-0) had not beaten its arch rival since 1980.

Penn (6-1) had not lost a conference game since 1985. The Kingsmen entered the game ranked No. 1 in the state's 5A classification.



I am a Kingsmen at heart, but I'm so happy for the Cavemen.. and they totally deserve it for every single time we've destroyed them in the past.

As I said on my Facebook: They do deserve a win.. just every .. how many years has it been? 30? We can do that.. just every thirty years.. we give them a false hope that they'll win again, and then we continue to dominate them from here on out. Simple. Kind of like a Kingsmen's approach to Pavlovian response conditioning.* :)

*At the time I didn't know it'd been twenty nine years.

Congratulations Cavemen!

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Good for Mishawaka. It's time someone else had a chance at winning things. I have to say, though, Penn had some very impressive streaks going on there.

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