How do I playback .MKV in Windows 7/Windows Media Player 12?

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Anyone that gets this worked up over something so insignificant as a video container needs to chill out and go outside for once.

Seriously. Let people use what they want to use. Not everyone wants to go and convert everything they have to another format either.

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Benjamin Goulart

Wow. He's totally right. MKV is a ****ty pirates container format for HD video. If you use mkv2vob and convert it to some other format, the little bitches play perfectly, with no sync problems, no fast then slow video (I thought it was artsy editing!), no stutters, and always with hardware acceleration even on little Intel integrated video chips for every format plus 1080p in Windows Media Player 12 ALL THE DAMN TIME. No VLC 100% cpu with stutters. No endless Media Player Classic, Media Player Classic Home Cinema, Core Player payware, CCCP, FFDShow, and on and on and on. 64bit, 32bit, doesn't matter. Convert the junk to something that works. Takes less than a minute per file. Why bother with the MKV format at all when it's that easy. Can't believe I've been bothering with all that for the last week. I still get smooth HD in Windows Media Player this way with an antivirus scan running in the background with a little Celeron Compaq laptop! Man knows his thing.

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As everyone else said. Get VLC and never install bull**** codecs on your system.

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Just to clear up something, one of the MAIN features of MKV that is actually used is the ability to choose between different subtitle sets. This is something you can't do with avi or mpg...

Granted, most people don't need this feature, and most people who upload media in the .mkv format have no idea what they are doing and are probably using it for the wrong reasons... but that has nothing to do with the actual usefulness of the format.

All that is irrelevant, since OP downloaded a file in .mkv format, and that's what it is. As others have said, VLC is the best all-around solution for playing video files. And it doesn't alter or modify the system or its codecs in any way - it has a self-maintained codec pack.

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VLC, since it doesn't install any codecs. Keep it as a backup when WMP can't play a file.

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