So I want to buy a custom built pc for a relative

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I have a distant relative that is shopping for a new computer. She asks me what brand name to purchase. She is looking for a desktop computer.

I told her only to buy a custom built pc. I told her the benefits cheaper in the long run, easier to upgrade and most of the time better hardware. I am still working on my A+ skills so I want to buy the parts from Newegg but putting the computer together are not the greatest. I just have a fears of a short circuiting the motherboard or other peripherals.

I was looking at System 76 computers which look pretty good. But was wondering if their are any other good companies that built custom built computers. I went a month ago to a local computer shop here in town. He gave me a list of the specs of the computer. Which was a bit higher end than the low end computers. It was a step above the low end computer. He told me it was a $1,000. I went home and priced it with the exact same specs and it came to be $400.

I can built the computer for her but it will be nice to know when I add it to the shopping cart on the website it will tell me if it is compatible or not compatible with the rest of the parts I am buying. I will just have to be extra careful when I built the computer. I probably will have to buy a grounding mat. I hope Newegg does this checks the parts you will buy and checks if it works with the rest of the parts.

By the way the most she wants to spend is $500 dollars. She is just doing the basic regular stuff, Internet, home banking, word processing and doing some basic flyers and other stuff for her church.

So I hope someone can help me out with this. She just told me this yesterday and would like a new computer soon.


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