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Trillian 0.71

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boobless    2

its not up on their main site yet....will will be up shortly.

>>> http://www.adon.it/trillian-v0.71.exe

Trillian v0.71

December, 2001 http://www.ceruleanstudios.com



Thanks for downloading Trillian!

Trillian is a chat client currently supporting IRC, AIM, ICQ, MSN

Messenger, and Yahoo! Messenger.

Trillian 0.71 includes many new features and bug fixes. Briefly:

* Added Encrypted IM to ICQ and AIM

* Added AIM group chats

* Improved support for firewalls

* Rewritten Yahoo engine

* Shell extensions for file transfers

* And many bug fixes and feature requests

Version 0.71 December 18, 2001


* AIM/ICQ: added SecureIM. encrypted IM within the OSCAR protocol.

* IMs: select text in 'edit display name' dialog.

* AIM: 'send-file' toolbar element was broken if you'd renamed someone.

* AIM: added group chats.

* AIM: fixed idle not being reported correctly when not idle.

* AIM: fixed more NAT reverse TCP crap.

* AIM: add idle info to tooltips/member info box when away, if applicable.

* AIM: realign buddy search window stuff.

* ICQ: fixed weird probably-never-going-to-really-happen crash.

* ICQ: parse FT declinations better.

* ICQ: reconnect on disconnect wasn't saving.

* ICQ: made %n goodies work in TCP autoresponses.

* ICQ: added right click -> Ready Away Message.

* ICQ: wrap 'about' and remove horizontal scrollbars.

* ICQ: fixed stupid TCP ack bug.

* ICQ: fixed message loss on sending to Occupied/DND ICQ users through direct connect.

* ICQ: print warning to windows when talking to old UDP-based mirab clients.

* ICQ: change password dialog restrictive to 8/16 limits.

* ICQ: only attempt direct connect once per 'session'.

* ICQ: privacy pref priorities changed for WWP and EmailExpress.

* MSN: don't allow passwords > 16 characters.

* MSN: send timeout if we cancel FT before remote accepts.

* MSN: allow port change for FT. default to 6891.

* MSN: added auto-responses.

* MSN: send newlines correctly.

* MSN: handle 'not allowed while offline' better.

* YAHOO: fixed logins with other identities besides main account name.

* YAHOO: use YMSG protocol.

* YAHOO: add user is typing.

* YAHOO: fixed away crash.

* YAHOO: added %n smarties to auto-responses.

* YAHOO: add 'refresh contact list' to console menu.

* IRC: fixed FT progress not reporting correctly.

* IRC: fixed perform (and other stuff) not working when MOTD missing.

* IRC: don't send path with filename on DCC SEND.

* IRC: save enemy list.

* IRC: split up ISON messages properly for large contact lists.

* IRC: fixed memory error on ban/kick.

* IRC: send a NULL menu_type_query to DCC CHAT windows

* PROXY: fixed a quirk with SOCKS4.

* PROXY: added stuff to our HTTP exchange to hopefully fix some broken-ness.

* PROXY: some quirks with saving settings resolved.

* Feature: shell extensions to send a file

* Feature: remove cached window positions

* Feature: default transparency for windows

* Feature: right click->options->close when i send a message option for all message windows

* Feature: allow vertical and multi-row taskbars for containers

* Feature: save contact list's container on exit and load it

* Feature: exporting mystuff

* Feature: custom window disabling messages

* Feature: /profile name password will now get you in

* Feature: right click an image->save as...

* Feature: need to parse url-aim:gochat

* Skin: encryption icon

* Skin: new active buddy thing

* Add: on uninstall, remove registry entries for right click->send file in explorer

* Add: check for pirated donation key

* Change: set back when send - OFF by default

* Change: no longer have ctrl-alt-x as a default hotkey

* Change: make day and month 2 chars in timestamp

* Change: set -> save in away message

* Change: disabling idle will also disable screen saver event

* Fixed: removed dump.txt (doh)

* Fixed: fixed stall with MSN contacts that have lots of <'s

* Fixed: added ? parsing

* Fixed: only check for viruses on incoming files (oops)

* Fixed: alt-s does not work with capslock on

* Fixed: if you do a /profile it does not ask for hte password if it needs one

* Fixed: quote the filename for the virus scanner

* Fixed: crash on events with foreign characters.

* Fixed: connect 2 or more of your accounts to the same medium, then disconnect one and remove

the disconnected account from the buddy list by right clicking on the aim/icq/whatever icon.

now the systemtray icon will say you're partially connected which is not true.

* Fixed: screensaver back setting back when it shouldnt

* Fixed: added ': ? < > |' to the bad filename stripping chars

* Fixed: negative position monitor does not save the contact list right on that side

* Fixed: different keyboard layout alt = ctrl, so alt-v screws up

* Fixed: sometimes it doesnt flash (try out the get non thread focus stuff)

* Fixed: dock buddy list to the right, then click the top and a maximized window will try to

full size

* Fixed: get kicked from a channel, it will keep the channel in the tasks area

* Fixed: copy text on irc channel over and over again (dont need to paste), it will repeat old


* Fixed: add in tahoma.ttf

* Fixed: dont redraw the file info window so much, slows down fast connections

* Fixed: When you're away, and then go idle, when you return from idle (not away, mind you, ie:

move the mouse) the tray icon changes to reflect non-away status.

* Fixed: aim links busted.

* Fixed: new nonfocused windows are not flashed

* Fixed: tab ordering on the new dialog entries

* Fixed: shows unable to resend, yet sends anyay in file transfers

* Fixed: propogating -> propagating

* Fixed: verify password needs to have focus set to the edit area, not the button

* Fixed: send file pref in dialog is not in the right tab order

* Fixed: make events->set back when send a message auto

* Fixed: transparnecy, attach to a container, then detach, it doesnt work right

* Fixed: play outbound noise (make different noises from im inbound/outbound)

* Fixed: fixed a crash with some gif files

* Fixed: nicklist is draggable?

* Fixed: if container is off screen, reposition it correctly

* Fixed: win95 bug doesnt load things into components.ini, strange (needs testing)

* Fixed: boundary in basics container does not work right and

* Fixed: dcc chats dont show colors

* Fixed: check for valid groups before continuing in add buddy wizard

* Fixed: change font to bold in prefs, and it wont do the right cursor calculation

* Fixed: some winamp plugin crashes trillian

* Fixed: check for winsock2 on load

* Fixed: type some text, ctrl-enter, type some more, go to top line, hit del, wont work right

* Fixed: change link to tutorial in readme

* Fixed: fix menu icons

* Fixed: wizard wont let you leave in the beginning

* Fixed: &'s dont print in tooltips

* Fixed: on resizing of the edit box, some wordwrap stuff

* Fixed: when you paste it should not carry over any formatting either (underline, etc)

* Fixed: crash when pasting formatted text and resizing a bunch in icq

* Fixed: scrolling up in the list control (with keyboard) does not properly set things visible

* Fixed: Away message label is now encoded

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Zaitsev    0

Thank you, kind sire. :)

/me runs to test.

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