WTF: Chinese Eat Baby Soup for Sex

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Obi Wong

putting out stories like this is just our way of fighting yellow fever

either that or we just gave the world a new pick up line at bars: "hey u wanna come back to my place and drink some baby soup then have the sex?"

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All I agree with:

1. One Baby Policy Blamed for Killing China.

2. Nobody eating baby soup for sex. We have better drug for that.

3. Most Americans will believe anything they read if labelled with "China", "Iraq", and "Obama"

I know first two because I have Chinese friends.

I remember seeing this years and years ago, I think they were part of some art project. Someone have just taken them and put a nice story to it, and people fueled by xenophobia and racism believe it.

I do remember that. That guy is disappeared after that event....

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wouldn't be suprised, they eating anything, weird...

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I would want to think it is fake but the images are too graphical... plus I know some of the Chinese do believe in weird stuff...

I'm just for words...

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