Youth's Wii gaming box held as bail

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WINNIPEG, Manitoba, Oct. 28 (UPI) -- A Canadian judge agreed to release a troubled 12-year-old boy in Winnipeg on condition he post his most valued possession -- a Wii gaming console -- as bail.

The unidentified youth has been arrested several times for vandalism, assault and breaching court orders in the past nine months, the Winnipeg Sun reported Wednesday.

In his most recent court appearance on charges of assaulting a fellow student and teacher, prosecutors asked Judge Marvin Garfinkle to deny bail, saying the boy was out of control, the newspaper said.

However, the judge chose to attach the interactive gaming console to the boy's freedom.

"He is pledging as a security, akin to a cash deposit, his Nintendo Wii," Garfinkle said. "And if he doesn't comply, he loses it."

Part of the bail conditions were that the boy stay out of trouble, make all of his court appearances, participate in a bail management program and live with his grandmother.


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