A solution for playing JVC camcorder(mod files) problems

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Question 1: "I recently purchased a JVC camcorder that records video as .MOD files. I can't seem to edit the files or play them on my PC. Is there a way to convert .MOD files to .MPG or something that works on my computer?"

Question 2: I have a video file off my JVC as well and wonted to play it on WMP so i changed the file extension from .MOD to .MPEG. Now the problem i have is that the video quality is poor. It is like the video cant keep up with the playing speed, lines drag when something moves. I know this quality is poor because it plays fine on cyberlink power dvd. Any help plz on how to fix the poor quality????

Question 3: I change the ext. mod to avi or mpg , and it works but the problem no sound at all.. .try to burn it into dvd, no luck, i try to burn it into vcd no luck also...

Full guide: http://www.audiograbber.com-us.net/boards/...TML/001697.html

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