December 2009 Desktop Thread


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This is my MacBook for December of 2009.


Also using Chrome on my Mac to post this :p

Custom Wallpaper made from a T-Shirt design.

Custom Dreamweaver and Photoshop CS4 icons by Technia on Dev art

OS-Snow Leopard.

Think you could make one in that color with the horde logo on it? :p

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WP: flavoured blue (I think)

Theme: Blend for Win 7

SteelOrb mod

Icons from another poster (they're called flurry)

Firefox: glasser, stylish, fission, and maxthon2 theme

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just install objectdock..

the theme of it and icons and everything im using can be found @ my DA page..

just go to my favorites and u will find everything right infront of u :)


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Snowing in my town.. we're cut off from the rest of the world soooo new pics :D

desktop clean ---> post-289460-1261046007_thumb.jpg

and dirty :p ----> post-289460-1261046065_thumb.jpg

Are you saying the wallpaper is your new picture of your town?

'Cause... I had that wallpaper, last year. Can't be that new, if it's yours... :unsure:


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