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Hello all,

In this Christmas my father may be interested in buying a TV LCD for the living room, so i'm looking for opinions on the best one to buy.


-size 32"

-budget ~?500 | ~$733.50 | ~?459.38

-it will be on a tv support in the wall on a corner, about 1,50m (59in) high from the floor

-Equipped with Digital Terrestrial Television receptor

-USB port able to read divx, dvd, jped, mp3, etc and legends!

-HDMI port

-Full HD

-Don't care about the brand but i want a decent tv with quality

-The tv will be connected to cable tv and will be used to watch movies, novels, news, some soccer games (i've seen tv's that have a really bad behaviour in soccer games, it's like the image can't follow correctly the events, just drags itself and freezes, so i don't want a tv like that!) and documentaries.

-Don't care if it's plasma, lcd or led, as long it accomplish it's job and fits all the requirements above

-Able to connect to my computer but this is not a priority, i prefer to have all the rest i mention assured.

Everything that comes as extra it's a plus.

If possible put items per preference order, and make more than one suggestion because some might not be selling in Portugal.

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