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So I've got a Proscan 32" 720p (which magically supports 1080i) and have hooked up my Xbox 360 and cable TV receiver via component. But from experience HDMI is MUCH better both performance-wise and quality-wise. However, I'm new to the HDMI industry so I ask the Neowinian community. Does it matter if the HDMI cabling is gold-plated? Sure, gold has better conductibility and although when talking about electricity gold is superb, but digitally, is it?

I've found a 6ft HDMI (silver plating) for 1 cent plus 3.99 shipping (which is still cheap altogether). Then there's another one that says gold-plated for $1 more. Should I pick the more expensive one?

ALSO: <IRRELEVANT>Does anyone have picture comparisons of Xbox 360 or PS3 gameplay between 1080i and 1080p?</IRRELEVANT>

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Your TV supports all resolutions (inc. 1080p) but downscales them to 720p. I would think that its doing the same with the 1080i signal. There is a big difference between 1080i and p, even 720p is preferred over 1080i.

As far as quality HDMI cable goes, see if its a decent one. Dirt cheap ones might turn out to be duds, but spend something like $5-15 on them to get a good cable.

I don't think Gold plating serves any purpose, any HDMI cable has to meet certain specifications, be it silver plated or gold. So both should be equally good.

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