"Send to" & "Play All" feature in finder?

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Hi, is there a way to add "send to" and a "play all" options to finder? In Windows Explorer there's a handy feature that allows you to select one, or a number of files, right click on them and select "send to". The context menu then enables you to select from a range of sources, such as a USB stick (if you have one), a Wifi source/network share, a bluetooth recipient, or to someone as an email attachment/s using the default mail client etc.

This is a very useful and convenient function, which I have found myself missing on a great many occasions. The same task can be accomplished in OS X, although it often seems to require several more steps.

Also in Windows XP and Vista, if I open a folder containing a bunch of media files, I will be presented with a "play all" button (or menu option) which allows all of the media files inside the folder (without needing to highlight or select them first) to be loaded as a playlist into the default media player and to begin playing. This again is often a considerable time saver - or at the very least it seems cleaner and easier to use.

Please don't tell me that the OS X way is better and go over the same old ground that if I want things to work the Windows way I should use Windows. I like OS X, but it's these small omissions that occasionally still make it harder to work with.

So the question is can these features somehow be added to the finder?

I'm using Snow Leopard BTW.

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To send selected files from finder per mail just drag them to the mail icon in the dock to make a new mail with the files as attachments.

In Leopard you could send files from finder to a bluetooth device in the context menu if the devices where paired, but i am not sure if thats still the case in snow leopard.

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Send to mail recipient only works by dragging if you use the included 'Mail'' app. However I use Thunderbird and this doesn't work. There is a send to mail recipient option in the services menu, but adding this and clicking on it only causes an instance of Opera web browser to open. This then asks you if you want to send the file using the default mail app and opens an instance of Thunderbird and a blank email message. However the file/s fail to attach. Send to Bluetooth however now works, although send to a given location such as a USB stick/device, or network location does not.

My guess is that some apps add their own service menu items and that there is no action of this kind available by default in finder.

"Quick Look" however appears to offer the "play all" functionality I was seeking earlier, although I'm still exploring it. I always wondered what that was for...

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