Zune software references rumored Project Pink devices, a video upload

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We weren't sure things could get any more interesting with Microsoft's mobile rumor mill, but along comes Zune Boards with some tantalizing findings in the latest Zune software update. First up is the eEndpointFamily files, which lists all the compatible hardware -- ZuneHD, for example. Also found, however, were entries for "PmxPure" and "PmxTurtle." PMX, if you recall, seems to be a reference to Microsoft's Premium Mobile eXperiences group, the remnants of the Danger acquisition who have been whispered to be working on Project Pink. As for Pure and Turtle, let's go back all the way to September 2009, when we first heard those names as the initial Pink duo -- there were some supposed renders, too.


SOURCE: http://www.engadget.com/2010/01/28/zune-software-references-rumored-project-pink-devices-a-video-up/

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Please source your posts. In this case it was copied directly from Engadget http://www.engadget....ces-a-video-up/

Sorry bout that. I always forget :|. Thanks :)

Why can't I edit the main post?

Anyway, Mod please add the source:



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