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Am hoping some of you more XP-knowledgable peeps can answer my question. We are using 4 machines over a Client for Microsfot Network with DHCP internet access. (if that info even applies). My problem is this...throughout all the betas and currently with 2546, 3 of the 4 machines take about 3 mins to fully boot up. The fourth one boots in about 30 seconds. We can not figure out why the other machines take so long. They all have the same setup and the hardware really only differs by whether using an Athlon or a Pentium processor/motherboard. All are using the same NIC cards and all have the most current drivers. Any ideas?

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WinXP is meant to boot up slightly slower than ME but when I booted up two computers at the same time I found the boot up time to be identical [with any variation being WON by WinXP].

That boot up time you r getting is huge. My boot up time was seconds not minutes. Going back to Win98 it's SO much slower at booting up.

I can't think of anything that could help you... sorry


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Yeah, I just dont get it. It also doesnt matter whether it is the Home or Pro versions - or NTFS/Fat32. I have seen one machine boot up in 30 seconds the FIRST time it was installed..then it went back to 3 mins. Our original theory had to do with using Drive Drawers in order to switch versions, but we have since found an imaging solution that did away with the drawers. Really, the only thing left would be our network..but still having one machine that makes the 30 sec boot and is also on our network doesnt help our theory much...

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