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turning off File Protection...?

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DinaMoe    0

I followed the directions for Win2000, but File Protections isn't disabled. Does anyone know how to do this under XP? Thanks.

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RossDundas    11

only way i know to do this is to use version 6.1 or later of xteq setup.


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me101    0

SFC disable info is available here in WindowsITSecurity InstantDoc #9529

JSI Reg Hacks have the following information on disabling SFC, More registry entries for Windows File Protection / System File Checker.

Also, Microsoft have a piece on their web site, at Windows File Protection and Windows 2000 which explains the idea behind File Protection.

Under the section:- Disabling Windows File Protection it explains the following.

You may disable WFP by setting the value SFCDisable (REG_DWORD) in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionWinlogon. By default, SFCDisable is set to 0, which means WFP is active. Setting SFCDisable to 1 will disable WFP. Setting SFCDisable to 2 will disable WFP for the next system restart only (without a prompt to re-enable).

Important: You must have a kernel debugger attached to the system via null modem cable (for example:I386kd.exe or Windbg.exe) to use SFCDisable = 1 or SFCDisable = 2.

After WFP is disabled using the SFCDisable = 1 setting, the following message will appear after logon:

Warning! Windows File Protection is not active on this system. Would you like to enable Windows File Protection now? This will enable Windows File Protection until the next system restart. .

Clicking Yes will reactivate WFP until the next system restart. This message will appear at every successful logon until SFCDisable is set to 0.

NOTE: The above message will only be presented to Administrators.

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