ORG demonstration against Digital Economy Bill

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It's time to show MPs what we think about the Digital Economy Bill.

As it stands now, the Bill, if passed into law, will allow disconnection, web blocking and could well see the death of open wifi.

Come along to the ORG demo on Wednesday, 24 March at 17:30, and protest against disconnection and censorship on the internet.

We'll provide placards, just bring some black tape for gagging or blindfolding yourself.

Disconnection is collective punishment. It is unacceptable. It is unfair and it is disproportionate.

The demo will at Old Palace Yard (opposite Parliament, next to Westminster Abbey) Google map.

Tell us you are coming by clicking here.

If you can't come to London why not set up your own demo? Choose a prominent place in your home town, if possible a local party HQ or MP constituency office. Let us know and we'll advertise it on our website.

What you can do now: Write to your MP and send a letter to your local paper.

Come along if you value your rights; Collective punishment, being guilty until proven innocent and internet censorship are unacceptable!

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