I didn't pull trigger....

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To be honest with you, you're very lucky that the weapon you use for "protection" didn't end up used against you. If you're not going to use it (a good thing) then don't carry it, you're only putting yourself at a greater risk if someone does try to assault you

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You didn't shoot which means that best case scenario the police will catch them and within 6 months they will be back out doing the same thing to others.

Worst case scenario they are still out there doing it to other people or maybe worse and will continue until someone does what you should have done which is shoot them, for you own good and as a service to the community.

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Life is all about what ifs, its best not to dwell on them, you are alive, they are alive, you might be a bit sore but at least you know you can handle yourself in those situations its just a shame not everyone is as responsible as you with a weapon.

I have to agree with Richard. At the end of the day- it sometimes take a bigger man to take an ass whooping if the alternative is using your sidearm.

I carry whenever I travel or have to go to Arlington (the world will see why this next Superbowl) - and I hope I never have to get in the same situation you did where you are contemplating using it.

Good job keeping your head - and showing the gov't. and the public that not everyone who carries is a gun freak or a criminal - hope youre all better now man

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