Do those "anti mosquito" programs actually work?


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A simple alternative:

record a mix of some Andr? Rieu & C?line Dion music, double the speed, increase the pitch and play it through your device... that should repel mosquitoes and nearly everything else around :rofl:

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hey how about you stop sleeping outdoors and get an apartment/room somewhere? i don't get it!! why do you need to get mosquitos away? are you around them all day?


Why not get a cheap 120v ac to 12v dc wall plugin and power it off that? Note: I just used that site to demonstrate, go hunt around for one

Great solution thanks :)

you can get kits like this in your country:


building instructions here

have fun :cool:

I dont even know what to search for in Google. "mosquito kit"?

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The best thing to use is an spray repellent. Easy Off makes them.

You can also try to use alcohol in gel form and rub it on all your body.

With it you won't get bitten while you are sleeping. Believe me.

During the day, I recommend you use mosquito coils. And cover your windows with that mesh-like material/fabric (I don't know the word in english) to prevent they get in through them.

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