What is the highest level of video playback combo?

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Maybe a nub question. But I was curious, as I will soon be in the market for TVs, BluRay etc. I have VERY little knowledge?!?

Is it like.. an HDTV 1080p + HDMI + BluRay? or.. what is the best / highest quality:

- TV type

- Cable type

- Player / format type

accepting any info, and recommendations.

Thanks in advance Neowin!

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TV type is debatable - LED, LCD or Plasma, or even DLP - best thing to do is check out in stores - me personally believe that a high quality brand plasma offers the best picture

Cable type - HDMI

Player/Format type - Blu-ray - these are also a matter of opinion - some say 1080p is 1080p. There are high end players like Oppo and Denon that cost $500 or there is Insignia player for $150... best to check it out and purchase within your budget.

But yes.. best picture quality is

HDTV + Bluray + HDMI cable

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Yeah I guess as consumer products go at the moment, the latest and greatest is probably 1080p LED TV (120Hz) with a Bluray player hooked up with an HDMI cable. 3D TV's are also coming on board but not really worth considering at this point.

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Thanks guys! Just wanted to be sure, budget aside, that HDTV + BluRay + HDMI was the best consumer combo possible. Glad to know I'm not that far out of the loop. As far as 3D, ill wait a while - I have no interest considering the lack of media taking advantage of the relatively new technology. Though - Avatar with the previously stated combo + 3D would be awesome!

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