Where are those System Resources?


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Hi All,

I have a new question? In Windows XP where did they put the system resources? That's always been a problem of mine in the past.. I always have to reboot cause my resources run so low so I'm always watching them to see where they are and how soon I may crash!.. LOL

Normally I would right click on MY COMPUTER but now when I do that there is no performance tab that tells me how many resources I have left available.



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Since Windows XP is based on Windows 2000 (which is based on Windows NT), there are no "System Resources".

System resources are a concept that only exist under Windows ME/98/95, and are a relic of the Windows 3.1 days. All they are is an allocation of ram (that is fairly small.. in windows 3.1 the GDI and User heaps were 64K in size each (NOTE: This was an increase from Windows 3.0!!!) - and if I remember correclty, the amount was increased in one of the 9x releases as well). These heaps are used to keep track of window elements (GDI resources), window handles, and other operating system stuff.

Luckily, they do not exist in Windows NT (well, they do, but are effectivley unlimited -- If I remeber they are a dynamic allocation, as opposed to the static allocation under ME/98/95/etc.).

So, you should not have to worry about running out (or having to reboot because your resources have been depleted).


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