Plasma or LED?

Plasma or LED  

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LED TV is a LCD TV just with different back light.

So you should maybe fix your poll to:

LCD with CCFL (Cold-Cathode Fluorescent Lamp) back light


LCD with LED (light-emitting diode) back light.

Both are more power efficient than Plasma although LCD with CCFL lacks in Contrast.

LCD with LED back light has more contrast and better power saving, so I would opt for that.

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I personally love my plasma tv, the colors and picture quality are so much more crisp and vibrant to me compared to my dad 55" LED TV I dont know why but thats my opinion....

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Darth Laidher

My 2010 model 46" Samsung makes it look like its almost live the depth of field is unlike any other I've watched,I really haven't watched to many LCD's though. I usually watch television on my 1080p monitor and the depth of field isn't like the Samsungs.Its not a draw back to me just something I had to get use to.

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Electric Jolt

LED is way brighter and they have a better contrast ratio, since its not just one big lamp in there. Every pixel got their own LED light.

No, you're wrong. LED TVs today, are LED-backlit displays. What you are talking about is OLED and AMOLED. Those aren't even on the market yet, most phones in the holiday season will have them once the rush of the upcoming Window Phones come in with new hardware.

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