LiLi the Pretty and Easy to Use Linux Live USB Creator

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There are quite a number of free applications such as UNetbootin that allows you to create bootable Live USB drives for many Linux distributions without burning a CD. After installing the linux distro into the USB flash drive, to test it you will have to boot up the computer using the USB flash drive and you won?t access to Windows environment.

The only way to test a linux distro or rescue system disc is by using virtualization software such as VirtualBox. For computer users that are not so familiar on how to configure VirtualBox, LiLi has gone one step ahead by allowing you to launch a Linux Live directly in any windows without any configuration nor software installation on your hard drive. It uses a portable version of VirtualBox to achieve that and the best part is you don?t need to configure anything at all.

After finished installation, you can either boot up the computer with your USB flash drive which will load the linux live or you can go to My Computer, open the drive letter of your pendrive which you will see a VirtualBox folder. Inside the VirtualBox folder, double

LiLi currently supports 97 different types of Linux distros and it provides a huge convenience to anyone who is interested in learning how to use linux, how to fix unbootable windows computers using rescue cds, or even learning how to hack wireless networks such as backtrack.


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97 different distros - cool.

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Very cool indeed. And the interface seems easy enough

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The ui looks atrocious. The virtualize this usb feature does look cool though.

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