Help Xbox 360 and/or DSM330

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Ok i have an xbox 360 and a dlink dsm 330 to stream movies here are the questions/problems.

Xbox 360:

Is there a way to display movie information?

Movie, Date, who's init, movie info or just name and movie info lol

Connection: Compter > Ethernet > Router > Ethernet > 360

DSM 330:

This si what i was using before the 360 as it had a remote. But since having it it's been a pain in the butt! I have updated the software (computer) and even the firmware (box) and movies start with a black screen and it will remain black, freeze, sound be out of sync and many other things i dont know whats up OR how to correct it. Im using it via Scart btw. I do believe thgat this will dislay movie info but since throwing in the towel a week ago ive not checked lol

Connection: Computer > Ethernet > Router > Wireless (about a foot lol) > DSM 330

Anyhelp and advice is appreciated.

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