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OpenTTD has been released for the iPad.

Game game, although the controls need improving, no multi-touch and it can be a little tricky laying track/road.

OpenTTD is a transport tycoon game with all original graphics and sound effects. Enjoy all the fun of building tracks, trains, planes, cars & trucks, and more! Then create routes to distribute goods from one location to another cashing in along the way!

This is a fully featured game including:

- Multiplayer!

- Save states.

- New sound effects.

- Newly designed 32bit graphics.

- Downloadable content!

- Tons of options to tweak.

- So so much more!

You'll love this great game and it's 100% FREE!

Thanks so much!


Source code for this application is freely available at http://github.com/zodttd/OpenTTD




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